Ruby has always been loved for its attractive red color. Regarded as the stone of love, passion, and energy, this striking gemstone has a great history to tell. These gemstones were referred to as the gemstones of God. Along with other precious stones, ruby stones were offered to please god to gain power and wealth in return. 

With times changing, these gems have gained relevance as center stones for engagement as wedding jewelry. Ruby engagement rings today mark a great significance among couples as the adornment expresses their love and commitment. 

Which ruby is the best? Burma ruby is considered the finest gem owing to its rare pigeon blood red hue. Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, the U.S., and Thailand are other places where these beautiful gemstones are found. 

Concerning the same, this blog delves into the beauty of Sri Lankan rubies. This blog gives an insight into the price of Sri Lankan ruby and the characteristics of these gemstones. 

Sri Lankan Splendor: Unraveling the Unique Characteristics 

Sri Lanka has always been a host for many gemstones. This amazing place has been the mining center of the finest quality blue sapphires, alexandrite, cat's eye stone, and more. The red corundum is one of the famous gems mined from this island. Possessing beautiful gems, this region is called "Ratnadeepa" by Greeks, Romans and Etruscans. 

Characteristics of Sri Lankan Ruby Gemstone 

The ruby sourced from Sri Lanka features pink and purple hues, with a slight red tint compared to their counterparts which show primarily the vibrant red color. These beautiful gems also show peculiar characteristics in which they fluoresce under UV light. The cause of fluorescence in these gems is due to chromium's presence and iron's absence. 

Rooser Reeves Star Ruby from Sri Lanka is the largest and finest ruby in the world. This 138.72-carat weight gemstone has an impeccable hue with the largest size, making it a rare stone. 

The presence of titanium atoms growing within the crystal forms a star on the gem's surface. The rutile needles (standard inclusions in the corundum family) orient themselves in three directions, creating a six-rayed star. This asterism phenomenon is one of the fantastic characteristics found in the gems, which adds to the stone's rarity. 

Sri Lankan ruby stone price in India varies from INR 13,500 to INR 2 lakhs or more. The cost of ruby stone depends upon 4C's color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. A fine-quality ruby stone from Sri Lanka features secondary hues with a slight tint of primary red color. 

Fluorescence is the main characteristic that distinguishes these stones from other rubies. 

An inclusion-free ruby with a high carat weight is rare and thus accounts for a higher price. 

To conclude, this blog refers to the mesmerizing odyssey through the radiant world of Sri Lankan rubies, where elegance meets allure.

 These gemstones, with their unique characteristics, encapsulate the rich beauty of Ceylon. From vibrant hues to exceptional clarity, each Sri Lankan ruby tells a tale of nature's brilliance and timeless sophistication.